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Ucluelet Tofino Massage
Ucluelet Tofino Massage
Ucluelet Tofino Massage

A Truly Authentic

West Coast Massage Experience

Combining healing disciplines from throughout the great Pacific, we bring a truly authentic west coast massage experience to the comfort of your own home or vacation suite. Our self created treatments are area inspired and include a heated massage table, BC made products, and a calming selection of music to choose from. Let our unique approach to whole-body wellness wash over you like the tides.

Soothing Escape
1hr $120 / 1.5hr $150

A highly relaxing treatment using medium pressure. Set the tone with a selection of locally created aromatherapy scents to start you off on your calming inward journey. Ideal for moderate pressure lovers and new to massage clients. *Pairs well with Hot Stones ($10)

Deep Relief Therapeutic
1hr $125 / 1.5hr $155

A detailed and highly functional session focusing on longer holds within muscle groups, often followed by trigger point therapy. Great for the seasoned receiver of massage, clients addressing specific areas of need, or anyone who enjoys a deep tissue massage. This can be a whole-body session or targeted to specific muscle groups. *Pairs well with Cougar Balm Muscle Rub or Cupping ($10/each)

Namikoshi Style Shiatsu
1hr $120 / 1.5hr $150

Traditional Shiatsu therapy of Japanese origin using deep, systematic thumb pressure followed by stretching and joint mobilization. This gentle yet deep treatment works with your complex circulatory and nervous systems to leave you feeling limber and energized. Abdominal massage is also an option to help promote digestion. Can be enjoyed fully clothed. *Pairs well with Cougar Balm Muscle Rub or Cupping ($10/each)

Mother Ocean Pamper
1hr $120 / 1.5hr $150

A lovely whole-body treatment for soon-to-be and brand-new moms encouraging circulation and nutrient flow to the lower torso focused on the feet, legs, hips, and lower back. *Pairs well with a Toner and Serum Facial Refresher ($10)

Pacific Voyage
1.5hr $160 / 2hr $190

An integration of massage styles from throughout the Pacific Rim to promote relaxation and optimal stress relief. A light Sage smudge or grounding essential oil blend starts you on your journey, setting a nice intention and letting go of what is no longer needed. Shiatsu and trigger point therapy follow this, then moving to Lomilomi, a traditional Hawaiian massage technique, focusing on long, deep strokes followed by a series of gentle assisted stretches. This truly one-of-a-kind experience concludes with a lengthy foot massage and seaweed and clay foot exfoliation. *Pairs well with Hot Stones and Cupping ($10/each)

Coastal Elements
1.5hr $160 / 2hr $190

This locally-inspired whole-body treatment starts with a seaweed salt foot exfoliation and gentle reflexology. Pacific Ocean tumbled warm rocks are then worked into your shoulders and back, bringing you into a state of warmth and relaxation. Paired with essential oil blends of your choice and tailored to the pressure of your preference, there is no better way to rejuvenate from our wild and raw west coast elements. *Pairs well with a Toner and Serum Facial Refresher ($10)

Hot Stone

Pacific Ocean tumbled warm rocks are used throughout your treatment, bringing you into a state of warmth and relaxation.

Icy-Hot Muscle Rub

Add a locally crafted Cougar Balm muscle rub to your treatment. Cougar Balm is an Arnica based icy-hot muscle rub that penetrates deeply into affected areas.


Detoxify and promote circulation with cupping therapy.

Facial Refresher

Experience a mini-facial with a locally crafted all-natuiral toner and serum treatment.

"Jill is amazing....I have known her for over 10 years, she is a true professional! I travel to Ucluelet/Tofino a couple times per year and I always look her up so I can get a nice massage and start my vacation feeling great, give her a try and see for yourself."

Steffen S

I am very picky especially when it comes to the kind of massage I receive. As soon as the therapist put his/her hands on me I know if it will be a good experience or a waste of time. With Jill it was my lucky day that first time and now more than 10 years later.. Jill has the gift of touch and of healing. She knows exactly where I need more and where less attention is required. I would recommend Jill to anyone in a heartbeat!

Maria Kaiser

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A calming ensuite massage experience
in your own home or vacation rental.


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*Massage experiences provided are not done by RMT’s.
These services are strictly professional and non-sexual.